by Adrian :: 30.12.11

The Open Graph

I think business is going to have to have a Facebook Open Graph strategy next year. Even if we’re ignoring it because it’s too freaky on the privacy side, they’re going to have to at least consider it. – Robert Scoble quoted here



I still stand by placing our bets on Facebook, its social graph and what you can achieve with group buying (f-commerce). Firstly, Facebook is still growing as a marketplace with over 800 million users. It accounts for a very hefty chunk of web traffic now owning 95% of social media networking time. The advent of the timeline has been endorsed by many including one of my favourite sages, JP Rangaswami in this very reasoned post.

I’m also pretty pleased with our decision to build our  Facebook/opengraph solutons on the force.com and Heroku platforms allowing us to build scalable, cost effective solutions for our clients and The First 65 products. You’ll see us release something rather smart next year for a very well respected Suffolk brand as well as use this technology to power a few of our own products like 65 Winks.

If you haven’t considered Facebook in your 2012 strategy, you either need a very good reason or simply put (and I am sorry to say it):  you’re foolish!

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