by Adrian :: 2.12.10

Food Safari

We’re working with Polly Robinson, the founder of Food Safari, to develop a 5 Year Strategic Growth Plan. Food Safari has become a hub of the local food network in Suffolk and provides a “from field to fork” experience that educates and delights. Polly first approached AoB with her ideas to expand Food Safari’s online presence. Our discovery workshop took Food Safari all the way back to a discussion on brand and business strategy which Polly agreed was the only way to preface an online technology plan.

Polly offers her feedback

Working with AoB has provided me with the motivation and inspiration to take Food Safari up to the next level. Adrian’s ideas, mentorship and commercial nous encouraged me to take a much needed step back from the daily business two years after it was established.  His skill is in adopting a coaching style to help me develop my own ideas rather than selling a preconceived solution.

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