by Adrian :: 23.11.10

V4 Technical

AoB has a mutual client relationship with V4 Technical. V4 Technical are a skilled and highly rated team of Web Developers and Ecommerce experts. They are currently working on a number of projects for SmartApps, AoB’s app incubator.  Reciprocally, AoB has advised V4’s CEO Andy Merrill on aspects relating to V4’s business strategy. Drawing on Adrian Melrose’s experience of running a similarly minded digital media agency, AoB has helped Andy distill his ambitions for growth and specialisation. Andy offers his feedback:

AoB understands V4’s business and the pitfalls and opportunities that lie in waiting. Adrian’s openness, insight and pragmatism means he’s a great sounding board and experienced business mentor. Similarly, working for AoB’s SmartApps division is a pleasure. They bring us inspired ideas and having been on ‘our side of the fence’ they understand how software is manufactured which means the expectation gap and risks are well managed.

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