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by Adrian :: 27.12.11

Starting up?

What Startup To Build | TechCrunchA guest post by Steve Poland on Techcrunch caught my eye the other day. Steve is toying with seeding a fund to play in the already overcrowded early stage VC space. The post isn’t only about the criteria for investment contained on the post-it note but rather about how

It’s easy to get trapped and excited by the startup world we read about through the looking-glass of TechCrunch

He goes on to explain that if you want to start a startup the best thing to do is to study the problems that exist in the world today and create a solution for one of them. It’s a post worth reading.

Let’s just focus on the post-it note though. Many ideas find their way into my inbox and I almost feel like attaching this checklist to my email auto-responder. In my experience the biggest issue lacking from these opportunities is the Easy Path to DISTRIBUTION which is pretty much linked to a SOLUTION being marketable or not. Rarely do business pans have credible and affordable distribution plans. Your product might be the cure to a real-world problem but how are people going to discover your product?

Apart from anything else, this post-it note is the best framework for a business plan I’ve seen in a long time.